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Bogota Rich Bogota Rich

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Brass is sweet dude, my only critizizm is that it should have a re verb on the brass. bass is kikin and them bells and other lead is sick keep up dat trap shyt brah!

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Icybeatsback2back responds:

Thxx Bruh! much appreciated

[Crysis] Victorious [Crysis] Victorious

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I'm diggin the 90's underground feel! this is the kinda style i'm goin for.. you nailed it brahh' !!!

JackRocker responds:

Sweet, thanks man!

Dreamy History Dreamy History

Rated 5 / 5 stars


i like the future istic feel. the brass and bellz are tight. the drums are almost perfectly composed. and that pad is magnificent. 5/5 10/10 deal is =]

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Fuck It I'm Back Fuck It I'm Back

Rated 5 / 5 stars


You wrek! lol i love the kiks hat snares brass. yiur simply magnifecent. im sorry that happend dude... i can re send em. i dunno what i sent you tho? lol

RevenTheLegacy responds:

it's not a brass in there it's a low synth lol....I don't know what u sent me either

Crazy Chord Snippet Crazy Chord Snippet

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

out of all your beets.

i dislike this the most. its not bad or anything.. but theirs soo much more potential in this.. but yet you make all your beets trapih.. is that all you no how to doo?? i dont understand. and im not to fond of the zaytoven raise.. but im sure theirs platforms in my beats people hate about it that i do. its over all good. but come on?? weres the originality. i quite makin trap shyt. and "HYRULE THE TRAP!!" here on newgrounds! =]

FireFoxMcCloud responds:

Implying I have all my beats on Newgrounds right?

If you couldn't tell, the beat is old. Like, closer to the first one I made. And since then I have remade the beat twice, and plan to do it several more times. The sample is just that good.

DJ Woozie, the producer, est. "Dec. 10"

And I even wanted to give it out to people to see their creations. I love this fucking sample. But I'm not established like you I suppose. So I can't get the word out.

C'mon. You're missing information, and I can really see this. Just cause, you know, hats, snares, claps, 808, make trap beat. No. Sorry. Just like plenty of the artists on NG. Beat, kicks or bass, on sound, make hiphop. It doesn't. It just makes it.. a song with kicks. and hip-hop is majorly repetitive. I can make one melody, one bassline, and structure it and it works. If you listen to what's out now and before, it's the same. Sampled beats are the worst at it, but, it is what it is.

This is a general rap/hip-hop beat. I don't know what makes you think it's a trap beat. There's only a handful of my beats that are trap or "trapish". What really makes a trap beat, is brass and string. Those are the main ones, to copy Lex Luger's Old/D Rich/Shawty Redd trap beats.

And just so you know, it's not a "zaytoven" rise. even though that's what it says, and what you seen in the kit it came in. It's a Drumma Boy tag, and before that it was Just Blaze, way before zaytovens and lex lugers, just so you know.
Plus, it's blended with the D Rich, and Shawty Redd, signature money machine sound effect. if you didn't hear. I know alot of people use the synth now, and just starting out, cause again, this beat is old, i didn't want to use just the synth.

I didn't use my tag, cause at first, it didn't sound right on the beats, I only used it for DJing.

Non-originality, would be me just coming in, copying everyone's style right? All the name brand people you can think of, just like the fakes on Youtube and shit like that. Trying to take a style and run with it, and failing. My beats sound like they do, cause of my diverse nature. I listen to all types of music. And plus, I'm from down south. Therefore, my music is geared towards the south. If I was from New York, I'd sample and my shit would sound like the shit that spins up North. Same for the West Coast. Hip-hop varies by region, so you have to check it. I have my own style now, and I didn't have to make countless remakes of other stuff to establish it, unlike some people I've heard.

And don't think, along with other people, I snap at negative feedback. I fucking love feedback. It means I'm getting somewhere, someone takes interest in my shit. That's what I do it for, for people to hear it, for fun, for me to listen to it. Feedback is the ONLY way someone can get better at anything, along with practice.

Are you impying that Hyrule means "I rule" in hyrule the trap? Saying you rule? We'll see. We well see my friend. If anything, no. And KevonOnDaTrack is better than me at the trap isht I'd say. Cause, he was the remake n***a. And Hyrule the Trap, there's nothing like it.

Just wait 'till I get this computer running again.

First Rap Beat First Rap Beat

Rated 4 / 5 stars

If this is your first

Than why did you stop?? its beautifull. i like the drums. i dont like the techno effect. but the choir at 45 seconds in is a good touch. the piano is amazing.. realy good for your first hip hop beet. i think you will make a wonderfull producer if you take time in actully building your art work.

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x pill x pill

Rated 5 / 5 stars

You figured it out..

The secrete to these trap bangers. id see ross wrekin this hoe with meek mill or wale or someone boss like that. like the snare roll. you need another sound up in this hoe. beets fire but you just need that somin to tye it all up. drums is a monster tho! keep it up my man!

bat-man187 responds:

Lls aye broo we going go inn for em for the rest of the year good looking. we needah start making alot of Track calabs

Telescopes ~B.P. Telescopes ~B.P.

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

You got my

Thumb in the air.. the drums killed it. your a real kool guyy! =D

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Yun - Elevator Music Yun - Elevator Music

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I would

be pissed if i herd this in an elevator.. its realy good tho. sounds like samash mouth if they went underground. 5'd fav'd your just a gee. that saxaphone wreked you smoke alot of pot i can tell! =].

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|-Ascention-| (WIP) |-Ascention-| (WIP)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

this guyy

Love the strings boss! your drums are wicked, hella dope drops. i like the choir thingy. you sir are a monster. =]

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O-Prime125 responds:

Thank ya bro ;P