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I don't understand???

2011-07-19 02:44:04 by BlowinMoneyENT

Why is it, that almost everyone thinks i'm a black guy on here? i mean don't get me wrong. i love African American people ... most of my best friends are black, hell i voted for a black guy. that's besides the point though. I have had four people PM me. This one guy just asked me if i was. and their was this other fucker msg'd me saying "The only reason you make beatz good is cuz you a brother, And that's why i listen to yo' shyt .. We Brother's man!!" ............ his Exact word's. and i'm in pure amazement like "I'm just this Italian guy from Texas, and I don't even know what i'm doing?" I do not no how to comprehend that?? so, i drink! and apparently ... make Fire Ass Instrumentals. i don't smoke though. this one guy Pm'd me as well asking about that smoking shyt. If that's what society has come down to, than i am pretty sure the world is in fact going to end in 2012. in that mannerly fashion, we should all Make as much beatz ass possible, and colab? PM me. Beautiful things can happen from the inside. =D

B-ran On The Beat! (Delayed!) lol


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2011-07-19 13:43:55

Your not black? lol jk thats some funny shit

BlowinMoneyENT responds:

lmao no i am not! hahahah